Genogram Self-Discovery Sessions

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A Genogram is like a family tree but with more details. It is a useful tool used to help us understand key people and relationships in our lives. Unlike a family tree, it displays information about the emotional relationships between family members as well as their medical history. This allows us to see patterns within those relationships and generational patterns that are currently affecting us.

  • Gain More Insight To Who You Are

Because the Genogram is a huge picture, we are instantly able to see issues and concerns that may not have been easily spoken about before.

  • Provides You With A Sense Of Freedom

These sessions allow you to release the spoken and unspoken things that have happened in your family. Then, with guidance, you are able to draw your own conclusions on you how you have been impacted.

Genogram diagram.png
  • Helps You Create A Framework

You will be able to put together a framework for your life. You will be able to answer such questions as: How did things get like this? When did it start? How have I been impacted?

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How It works

A brief overview


There are a total of 5 sessions.  Each session is one hour each. You have the option of paying for all 5 session at once or using a payment plan. After signing up and paying, you'll receive an email with questions to think about to prepare you for our first session. During your first session, we talk about your family and relationships as I draw your Genogram.


During the second session, we will talk about the findings in your Genogram. We discuss patterns you see between family generations, relationship dynamics, and how the interactions within your relationships have impacted you. At the end of the session you will get your first homework assignment for us to discuss in your next session.


In the third session, we will go over your first assignment. We will discuss what you have discovered and talk about the impact. Then you are given your second assignment. Each assignment builds upon the previous.


During the fourth session, you are given your final assignment. We will also discuss the previous assignment and your findings.


In the final session, we will discuss all the assignments given. Then, a plan to help you move forward in life successfully is developed.